Boka's Ela Mint Toothpaste. Fluoride-Free Remineralizing Toothpaste 20% OFF with code: DRLISA

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Boka’s Ela Mint Toothpaste

Fluoride-free alternative: Hydroxyapatite

BOKA ditches the traditional fluoride for a 100% non-toxic ingredient that remineralizes and desensitizes teeth: nano-hydroxyapatite. Just as effective as fluoride but works with rebuilding your tooth's natural structure instead of masking it with a band-aid. It’s been a remineralizing ingredient used in Japan for over 40 years now.


Sodium Lauryl (or laureth) Sulfate (SLS), is a chemical compound that functions as a foaming agent in many personal care and home care cleaning products. It’s largely responsible for the foam created in toothpastes and shampoos. 

Possible side effects include: mouth irritation (canker sores) or an allergic reaction. Brushers who are prone to allergies or sensitive to sulfates are generally better off choosing SLS- free toothpastes.


The term ‘parabens’ is used to refer to a group of chemicals, mostly synthetic, that are commonly found in health, beauty and personal care products. They act as a form of preservative, preventing the growth of potentially harmful microbes such as bacteria or fungus, thereby increasing shelf-life.

Boka also contains Aloe Vera, Xylitol (decay-reducing sugar subsititute), Green Tea and Mint.

Two available flavors: Mint and Coco Ginger. My personal favorite is their original mint flavor.

What to expect when brushing with hydroxyapatite toothpaste?

When you use the Boka Ela-Mint toothpaste, it does not foam up like you would expect with traditional toothpastes due to the lack of SLS. It has a light, refreshing and minty taste, much more subtle than a traditional toothpaste. I tested it out for 4 weeks and now it has become a part of my oral care routine.  I have noticed that my areas of teeth sensitivity due to gum recession have decreased. As far as remineralization, I am not a good candidate to determine that because I currently don’t have any cavity lesions to observe. Yesssss! ;)

Tip: Do not rinse your toothpaste off when you are done brushing.

You want the HA toothpaste to really saturate on your tooth surface. It would also help it you don't drink water or rinse your mouth for 30 mins after application.

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