BURST Toothbrush Review by a Dentist (Burst Promo code QSBD4X to receive a 42% discount)

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

As a dentist, a very common question I get is "What toothbrush do you recommend?" I previously used the traditional gold standard, SonicCare electric toothbrush. Then one day, I was introduced to the BURST Sonic Toothbrush and immediately became a fan. Why don't my other colleagues know about this fantastic brush?!?! Well, the BURST toothbrush is not sold in the stores and BURST is fairly a new online oral care company who has quickly grown to be a strong competitor to the traditional oral care companies.

What is the BURST Toothbrush?

The BURST toothbrush is a sonic vibrating toothbrush. It has several unique features and offers a convenient brush-head subscription program. Also, it is much more affordable compared to other sonic toothbrushes!

Why choose the BURST toothbrush over the others? What's all the hype about?

Simply because it is the most efficient electric toothbrush currently on the market with an unbeatable price. Many of you may have seen the corn tests with coffee kernels floating around on the internet. It was created by a dental hygienist to demonstrate just how much MORE effective BURST is at removing plaque and bacteria from your mouth. The BURST brush was the most efficient at cleaning between the nooks and crannies compared with the other brushes.

In my professional opinion, the pros of the BURST toothbrush are the feathered charcoal bristles combined with one of the most powerful motors on the market. 33,000 vibrations per minute to be exact. The BURST toothbrush bristles are made of Binchotan charcoal which help in removing stains and are extra soft and gentle on your gums, preventing gum recession. Along with a powerful motor, the BURST toothbrush also comes with a long lasting lithium battery that lasts up to 4 weeks.

The BURST toothbrush has 3 cleaning modes: whitening, sensitive and massage. If you are new to sonic toothbrushes, you may want to start with the sensitive mode. It has a 2 minute timer with quad-interval technology. Your teeth is divided into 4 parts also know as quads: upper right, lower right, upper left, lower left. Once you have completed brushing one quad, the BURST brush will send you a gentle vibration to notify you to move on to the next quad. It's a great feature to remind you to spend an equal amount of time brushing different parts of your teeth.

One thing that sets BURST apart from other dental companies is the 3 month refill subscription program. Every 3 months (which is the recommended time to change your toothbrush head or when your toothbrush bristles start to splay out), you will be sent a new BURST toothbrush head. It's optional and can be cancelled at any time. But with it, you get a lifetime guarantee on your BURST toothbrush. BURST also offers a 90 day money back guarantee. There's no loss!

What is a BURST Promo Code / Burst Discount Code?

A Burst Promo Code is given to Burst ambassadors. Burst ambassadors consist of dental professionals. The Burst Promo code / Burst discount code is a combination of letters and numbers that will save you on Burst purchases.

As a dentist, BURST has given me the opportunity to be a BURST Ambassador. As a BURST ambassador, I'm able to provide you with a special coupon/promo/discount code that will save you $30 (up to 42% savings) on your BURST toothbrush purchase! To get the BEST and ULTIMATE savings on Burst products, just use the BURST PROMO CODE QSBD4X before you submit your order or CLICK HERE to automatically apply your discount. This will lower the original price of the BURST toothbrush from $69.99 to $39.99 for the Black or White version (42% savings) or from $99.99 to $69.99 for the Rose Gold version (30% savings)!

If you want a visual breakdown of all features and items that come with your BURST toothbrush, check out my video review and my other reviews including the BURST Floss! I hope this helped you with your decision. If you choose the BURST toothbrush, enjoy the BURST promo code QSBD4X to get $30 off! Keep smiling!

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BURST (Promo Code: QSBD4X) toothbrush review by a dentist

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